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Welcome to Lilian Prendergast Hypnotherapy

Hello and welcome to Lilian Prendergast Hypnotherapy

As more and more people are turning to turning to the complementary therapies to make positive changes to their lives, I would like to introduce the services I provide,  that can help people  tackle the issues that have been holding them back, in a gentle but effective way.


As a practical, solution-focused therapist, my treatment approach is to help clients resolve current problems and change long-standing behavioral patterns through the power of their own minds.


With great sensitivity and understanding I can help my clients find solutions to a wide range of life challenges and psychological issues that, in some cases have been bothering them since childhood.


I offer one to one client sessions an

d workshops in self hypnosis and life management.


Some of the conditions that can be successfully and swiftly treated with hypnotherapy



Hypnotherapy can successfully and swiftly eliminate longstanding phobias



Weight Management


Bust the yo-yo dieting habit and achieve control of your weight once and for all.




Pain Control


Use hypnotic techniques to successufully contol pain and discomfort naturally or to compliment your existing treatment.





Manage anxiety so you can deal with the underlying cause.

These are only a small example of what hypnotherapy can treat, in fact most conditions can be rapidly eliminated with hypnotherapy.

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