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What is hypnotherapy?


Hypnotherpy is an altered state of mind or trance.

It is perfectly natural state and you will most likely find yourself in trance many times during the day.

It's like a dreamy feeling you get when you get lost in the moment.

Have you ever been driving and found yourself at your destination with no recollection of the journey or how you got there. You've been in trance or on automatic pilot!

Will I lose contol?


You will remain in control at all times during the hypnotherapy session and will be free to awaken and leave at any time.

It is like losing yourself in a film or book, you are totally emersed but still have the power to emerge from the state if you desire.

Can I get Stuck in hypnosis?

It is impossible to get stuck in hypnosis. However it is such a nice feeling to be so relaxed that if you are initiated into trance by anyone, you will either fall asleep and wake up naturally or come to when you need to use the bathroom.

Will I have to relive an old trauma?

Hypnotherapy is a very gentle process and you will not be expected to relive or discuss any old traumatic experiences.

With creative hypnotherapy, issues are dealt with by taking a journey through the mind and dealing with issues using metaphor and symbolism. 

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