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Individual Counseling

Life can be full of problems, anxieties, dead-end situations or just feels empty sometimes. During our individual counselling sessions, we can help you identify and understand your particular situation. Together we can work on finding the courage to address your situation and initiate positive changes in your life. 

In which areas can hypnotherapy help

Hypnotherpy can help in many areas including long held phobias, childhood trauma, chronic pain, eating disorders, smoking and substance abuse and many many other issues.

What can I expect in my hypnotherapy session?

Firstly, we would discuss your issue over the phone and make sure that hypnotherapy is the best method to reach a solution for you.

If you were satisfied that hypnotherapy can help you and you would like to work with me then we would arrange to meet.

The first session lasts 90 minutes as there is an initial 30 minute consultation followed by the 60 minute session.

I can say that most issues can be and most often dealt with in one session but this can be discussion afterwards.

After the consultation and if you are happy to go ahead, the hypnotherapy session will begin. if, on the other hand you feel that hypnotherapy is not for you or you feel you could work better with another therapist, then the session will close then and no charge will be made.

Once the session starts you will be told what you may expect and you can ask questions so you understand the process being able to rest assured that your dignity and confidentiality will be protected at all times.

Creative hypnotherapy works by being guided through an individually designed stratagey of techniques to help you identify where the problem areas lie, then dealing with the issues and then coming back and discussing what you experienced.



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