Lilian Prendergast Hypnotherapy is passionate about enabling people find the power that lies within their own subconscious mind and using that power to improve their health and wellbeing.


It is my intention to enable people heal their lives by guiding them on a voyage of disovery to access and utilise that power to create a better life.


To achieve this aim, I not only provide one to one sessions, but also colaborate with another hypnotherapist to provide workshops which are accessible and affordable.


We hold regular workshops at The Sanctuary, a spiritual centre in Middleton near Manchester.


We are also able to hold workshops for groups and companies in and around the Manchester area and further afield.



We hold the following workshops at The Sanctuary, 19 Market Place, Middleton, Manchester. M24 6AE. Places can be book through myself or by ringing the Sanctuary Direct on 0161 870 1423. 

Alternatively, if you have a group or company who think their members or employees would benefit from one of these workshops but are situated further afield, we can travel and run a workshop at a venue of your choice. Just ring myself to discuss arrangements.

Self Hypnosis Workshop


A highly interactive and fun workshop where you will learn about the benefits of self hypnosis, how to enter a state of trance then a range of techniques to help you rid yourself of emotional baggage and make positive changes to your life.


Change your mind, change your life


A voyage of self disovery, helping you to identify exactly what you want from your life, how to break through your self limiting beliefs and access the power within to clear the way to achieving your aspirations and ambitions.


The subconscious mind and the law of attraction


It is within everyone's power to achieve a life they desire by utilising the power of the universe through the Law of Attraction

Unfortunately, due to the learnt baggage and blockages that we carry within our subconscious mind, all our efforts at success are scuppered before we start and we attact a reality that falls short of what we truly wish for.

Universal energy lies within our grasp and is free to harness at any time and this workshop instructs people how to improve their lives by showing them that anything is possible when they rid themselves of that which has held them back for so long enabling them to create the lives they desire.


Also see "The critical link between the subconscious mind and the law of attraction" by Lilian Prendergast. Available from Amazon and on Kindle.



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